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Xacroxperience is the best farm stay in the hill regions of Kodaikanal. We have family-friendly and couple-friendly rooms. Whether you are searching for the perfect place to explore the farm in Kodaikanal, then, Xacroxperience is the right choice for you. We have original Kodaikanal geodesic domes for the tourist's stays. With our humble farm, people experience the actual accommodation in the Kodaikanal. We have a budgetary and luxurious farm stay with individual rooms with pine ceilings and wooden floors. And also have a porch with a garden sitting area and a living room with a campfire facility. Our professional cook prepares foods with our farm-grown vegetables. We also serve western breakfast on request, we provide jams, cheeses, bread, and cakes in our dining place. Our farm stay is one of the most peaceful and natural living places in Kodaikanal. All our farm stay rooms with all the essential amenities such as a TV, bedroom, hall, balcony, laundry facility, kettle, heater, room service, doctor on request, and restroom. Our dome interiors are amazing with all the amenities. Tourists will have good stay options at an affordable price. You can view the vegetables, and fruits growing across your stay house.

Tourists can have the local and authentic foods of Kodaikanal. Also, they can see incredible views of natural landscapes, hill stations, farms, and gardens. Moreover, tourists can relax in the lush greenery. And also play with our naughty dog. Tourists will enjoy their Kodaikanal trip without any noisy roads, and polluted skies. People can see the friendly hens and cows on our farm. We cultivate all kinds of Kodaikanal vegetables, fruits, millets, rice, oil, and pulses on our farm. We use only natural compost, biopesticides, Panchakavya, and other natural farm yard compost. We make use of the bio manures to grow our farm plants hygienically and healthily. We also organize farming activities such as vegetable harvesting. Most of the tourists have already happily participated in all the harvesting and cultivating activities. Tourists will experience beautiful memorable moments during our farm stay.


Our location is No.4/64-4, Queen's Land, Convent Road,Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101in the middle of the beauty of Kodaikanal.Other sightseeing places for you to explore near us are KodaiKanal Lake half km,Bryant park Half km.


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  • Parking Facility
  • Table
  • Campfire
  • Space
  • Reception Area
  • Attached Bathroom & Restroom
  • Room Service
  • Security
  • Attached Television
  • Restaurant
  • Commune Space
  • Electrical Sockets
  • Water Heater
  • Kettle

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