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Do you want a good hotel for your accommodation at Kodaikanal? If you are looking for the best hotel rooms in Kodaikanal at a lower price, then Cottages Kodaikanal helps you to find the best hotels with good amenities to stay at Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Rooms

Our Kodaikanal rooms will give you more time to enjoy your accommodation and vacation. Most of our rooms give peace in the beautiful mountain of Kodaikanal. We are one of the most preferred tourist accommodations based convenience-wise and location-wise. Our rooms are bright and spacious, which makes it more valuable to accommodate here. You will be impressed by our great facilities and amenities. We have a great collection of good and lovely rooms in Kodaikanal. Our tourists will enjoy the gorgeous views of Kodaikanal hill station from our room balcony.

Moreover, our room staff will guide you to travel to the important tourist spots at Kodaikanal. All our stay and services will be convenient for the requirements and budget of the travelers based on the need of the travelers. We are the most recommended by various tourists all around the world. You will be free from the daily exhaust and noisy city life. If you are booking our hotel for a stay or simply visiting for the day, you will have excellent memories of the nature of Kodaikanal. We believe our rooms will make you drive again and again to Kodaikanal.

Best hotels in Kodaikanal

As a famous tourist spot, it is necessary to book a hotel at Kodaikanal in advance to avoid hassles. We have the best and premier hotels in Kodaikanal. You can have a comfortable and economical stay in Kodaikanal. Most people choose our hotels for family outings, couples, annual functions, corporate outings, training, and much more, We provide a various range of options when selecting hotels in Kodaikanal. Many of our hotels are famous and compactable for every traveler. They will feel peaceful and relaxed during their vacation at Kodaikanal. We make sure that we deliver the best of our services every time and are waiting for an amazing chance to expand our services. We offer you a simple and easy hotel booking experience and safer and faster transactions. You can easily reach our hotel rooms and get access to our booked hotel room at Kodaikanal without any difficulties. You don’t have to rush up in finding a hotel room, and other travel needs after reaching Kodaikanal. We will make your journey easier and happier with our valuable stay and tour requirements.

Book Your Budget hotels in Kodaikanal with Us!

Cottages Kodaikanal provides the cheapest and most budget hotels for every tourist accommodation. We make simpler choices to find the ideal budget hotels at Kodaikanal. You can easily book your budget hotels in Kodaikanal. We make it easier price process for our tourists with the luxurious Kodaikanal vacation. Most of our budget stay hotel packages are affordable, which meets our tourist demands. Our hotel rooms are well-ventilated with the amazing sunlight. So, the tourist will experience the best sightseeing of tea gardens, Kodaikanal hill station, the main city, and thrilling nature landscape. Therefore, we have furnished all our hotel rooms with all the necessary opulent facilities to make you feel similar to when you are staying at your own home. We never fail to do our best to make all of our accommodations great. Cottages Kodaikanal has the most reliable and trusted budget hotel in Kodaikanal, with artful details and modern interiors. We offer our travelers the great chance to experience the actual taste of a royal hotel at a budget hotel rate. Simply reserve your stay in our budget hotels and enjoy the impeccable experience of unforgettable memories.

Luxury Room in Kodakanal


A perfect 3 star hotel for people who love to spend their vacation in a luxurious way in Kodaikanal.

Room for group stay in kodaikanal


Apoorva residency is a 2-star hotel perfect for all loving and caring families and couples. This provides various facilities

Family Room in kodaikanal


GPS Hotels is a one of the most preferred residency as it is perfect for all loving and caring family and couples.

Hotels in kodaikanal


A perfect and humble hotel in a Colonial-style building featuring a vegetarian restaurant in Kodaikanal.

Hotel for vocation trip in kodaikanal


Royal hotel is a place that provides you the right ambiance to relax and enjoy your memorable days in Kodaikanal.

Best hotels in kodaikanal


A perfect budget-planned hotel in Kodaikanal for all who wish to enjoy the beauty of the Hill Princess.

Kodaikanal room booking


A perfect budget-planned hotel in Kodaikanal for all who wish to enjoy the beauty of the Hill Princess.It could be assured

vattakanal homestay


Kasa Luxury Inn is the best resort and hotel in Kodaikanal. This property is located nearby the silver cascade falls, and bear shola falls.

couple friendly rooms in kodaikanal


La Flora Highland Paradise has casual rooms with country views at a low-key venue

rooms in kodaikanal below 1000


Hotel Mount view has a reputation built in alignment with values of timeless opulence and friendly hospitality

Low price rooms in kodaikanal


Hotel SanAndreas is less than a kilometer away from the famous Kodaikanal Lake, a major attraction on the hills.

Kodaikanal hotels near lake


SRM Hotels is located at a distance of 2.0 km from the Bus Station. Take an auto from Bus Station and de-board

vattakanal homestay

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is one of the famous homestay 3-star hotels at Kodaikanal. We offer 20 valley view rooms and every room is well-furnished with double-size beds, king-size, and spacious rooms.

Best Places To Stay in Kodaikanal

Being a tourist, you should have to decide which place is the best to accommodate at Kodaikanal. Before booking the hotel room, you must have to consider some of the important factors. Safety, comfortability, and prices are the main things we should keep in mind when booking a hotel room at Kodaikanal. Our hotels are the extremely best and low-budget hotels in Kodaikanal. Our hotels give a safe atmosphere for our tourists. Moreover, you can also select a particular location where you would like to stay in our hotels. Because we have plenty of best hotels in the Kodaikanal place. Most people love to have a vacation near Kodaikanal lake, you can reserve our hotel near lake locations. Some people wish to go for adventurous activities, horse riding, hiking, and much more. Those kinds of travelers can also choose our hotels which are nearby adventurous spots at Kodaikanal. We have a countless number of good hotels at an affordable price in every location of Kodaikanal. We will fulfill any kind of tourist based on their point of interest. You are going to enjoy our great ambiance to relax stay and explore in Kodaikanal.

Luxury Stay in Kodaikanal

The great thing is that you avail our most luxurious stay at Kodaikanal with the special offers. So, you can able to save a huge amount on your expenses. Our Luxurious stay differs from others based on its unlimited amenities, main locality, views offered, and extra room accommodation. We also provide the signature dishes of South-Indian, North-Indian, and Chinese. You can easily request our professional cook to get the customized dishes. We promise our tourists the most peaceful, safe, and private nights ahead in our luxurious accommodation at Kodaikanal. We gladly welcome you to experience our joyful stay, seamless service, best ambiance, and authentic multi-cuisine foods which surely make your stay the most memorable and beautiful moment in your life. Don’t miss this nice opportunity to have an adventurous, romantic, and unforgettable exotic Kodaikanal trip. Just check out luxury hotels at Kodaikanal. Let’s begin planning your Kodaikanal trip and have a pleasant stay.

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