Dormitory in Kodaikanal

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Sometimes, you don’t need someone to ask you what was wrong. You may not need someone to hug you tight and console. Remember, it cannot be a drink too because they all are temporary solutions for your permanent life! There are times when all you need is just the gold olden days. Days when you were happy under the warmth of your parents, without any difference between weekdays and weekends, not too much pressure and anxiety. If one simple thing can bring you and make you live all your golden memories, it can be the dorm stay in Kodaikanal. They resemble your hostel beds, bunker cots, electrical sockets, peaceful ambience of your hostel. Open your windows and see the misty and mis’tea’ fields until the horizon. Live your longing college hostel days with your friends once again without any study hours and entry restrictions. The best thing about our dorm more than your hostel is you can bring your day-scholar friends too! LOL!!! 

Our dorms in Kodaikanal offer all the basic amenities like comfortable cots, cosy sofa sets, blankets, individual electric sockets, balconies to chill with your family and friends, neat and clean individual bathrooms with water heater, and many. All our properties have a commune space for networking and building bonds. Go play at our pitch, indoor games, and have the beautiful and innocent memories back. Live an aesthetically pleasing life by contacting us at 7502345777 for booking the best dormitory in Kodaikanal. 


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