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When you're planning your next vacation, you're sure to want to include at least one stop in Kodaikanal. This lovely tourist destination has a lot of beauty to offer, from its historic Victorian-style homes and its breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains to its thriving arts community. And if you're looking for some extra entertainment, the attractions in this town are sure to keep you busy for a long time.
Kodaikanal! What a lovely little town. If you're lucky enough to visit, you'll see that it's full of natural beauty, and there are many fun things to do, like hiking, fishing, and yoga. You'll find the people here to be very friendly and welcoming. And did we mention that it's full of natural beauty?


Cottages Kodaikanal is an ideal location for vacationers looking to escape the crowds of the city and spend a quiet, relaxing holiday.

Pineapple picking is one of the most popular activities in Kodaikanal. Visitors can take a moped around the city and pick pineapples at their leisure.

Alternatively, visitors can visit the local tea plantations and learn about how tea is grown and prepared in India. They can also sample and purchase teas from vendors in the area.

Kodaikanal is located right on top of several hiking trails, so visitors can enjoy some outdoor activity while they are visiting this small town. For example, they can hike up to Coaker's Walk, which offers a scenic view of the city below.

Tourists can also visit as many of the local churches as they want, including St. Andrews Church, which was built in 1875.

Lastly, tourists should check out one of Kodaikanal's many beautiful lakes. The best lakes for swimming are Madakkulam and Laxman Lake.

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station in south India Kodaikanal has a lot of tourist-friendly places for people to see Some of the tourist-friendly places include:
A coffee plantation
An orchid nursery
A waterfalls and dam called the Kodaikanal Lake
A church called Good Shepherd Church
A botanical garden

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