Tent Stay in Kodaikanal

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A tent camping is what you take when you can no longer take what you have been taking right now. Get rid of family stress, work pressure, target anxiety, sales calls, and almost everything that troubles you in your life and just travel around the world. Unleash the beauty of one’s life, unread the magical pages of the world, live your life beyond your expectation with every adventure you take in. When it comes to adventure, nothing can beat the happiness and joy of booking a tent stay in Kodaikanal. Remember jobs can only fill your pocket whereas, adventures can fill your soul. We pitch our tents at spots that are most preferred for Trekking in Kodaikanal. 


You don’t have to worry about safety and security because we have fences covered around our property and there is a 0% chance for the entry of wildlife like deer, bears and bison. One simple tip we can provide before you go for a Kodaikanal trekking and camping is to pack as little as possible but be choosy in selecting those little things. Also, we rent our space out for camping groups and organizers. Let it be couples-only camping, mixed camping, or girls-only camping, do contact us for the best prices and unbelievable facilities. Break all your impossible mindsets, treat your eyes with the best views of the hardest climb, feel the divine purpose of your life with Vattakanal trekking. It does not mean that we offer camping or tent stays only in Vattakanal. We are ready to offer tent stays at Poombarai, Mannavannur, Vattakanal, Kookal, Vellagavi, and various other hidden places located near the Princess of Hillstation. Don’t live the boring routine life confined in four walls painted with boring colours. You have so much to explore and live! Contact at 7502345777 for booking tent stays and trekking in Kodaikanal. 

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