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What is the best time to visit Kodaikanal?

Kodaikanal is a beautiful mountain in South India, with exotic fauna, and flora with the austere landscape. It is the perfect place for vacation throughout all the seasons. Tourists love to travel to Kodaikanal for its weather condition, and picture-perfect memories. It is also referred to as the Princess of Hill stations. Anyhow, the best time to travel to Kodaikanal is from October to March. The climate always remains cool throughout the whole year during January, and December, with valleys, cliffs, forests, and waterfalls. Tourists will see multifarious offerings of the natural environment, recreation, culture, and history in the Kodaikanal. Do you ever wish to go on any trekking or adventurous trip? Whether planning for any Kodaikanal vacation which has more sightseeing spots, then, summer is the best time to plan your Kodaikanal vacation. It does not matter whatever the season may be, if you plan to visit Kodaikanal, based on the survey, it is 100% sure, that the climate of Kodaikanal will always give us the best cooling ever. Exactly, Let’s know, which is the perfect season to travel to Kodaikanal? So, here, we have provided some of the guidelines based on your special preferences, requirements, and understanding.

Every Season has its Beauty: Kodaikanal Weather default has pleasant weather in terms of the seasons. Everything is based on the tourists who decide to have a great vacation. Kodaikanal is the best place for adventure lovers for the late monsoons, and cold seasons and the winter is the right time to travel in the fresh air. Summer is an ideal season for people who love to spend time in the milder climate. Hence, tourists can go hiking and trekking without having to bother about being too warm or too chilly. Still, Kodaikanal is a wonderful tourist attraction, which surprises tourists in all seasons.
Summer Season at Kodaikanal: (April – June)

Summer is the absolute season to travel to Kodaikanal because the temperature will be 30ºC - 20ºC.

Why do Tourists Prefer to Travel? The refreshing, and pleasant breeze flowing on the tourist makes it an ideal spot for cycling, trekking, sightseeing, outdoor activities, and boating. Tourists can easily find the colorful flowers which bloom in all places. It fulfills your natural desire. It is the exact tourist destination for the summer season. That is the one of main reasons, hotels, and resorts in Kodaikanal are always filled with more travelers during the summer season.
Weather: The summer season starts in March and continues until the June season. Generally, the weather conditions of Kodaikanal last pleasant climate during the summer season. And the temperatures usually will be 20ºC between 30ºC. The mild and fresh breeze makes the tourists walk through the Kodaikanal hill station and experience ever-lasting memories.
Note: Hence, it is important to reserve your hotel or resort room in advance because Kodaikanal always gets crowded throughout the summer season. So, you don’t have to get tension the last minute booking related problems. Moreover, kindly take light cotton clothing to prevent skin irritations and stickiness. Also, carry sunscreen cream, sunglasses, and a hat. It is essential to stay hydrated during the whole day and have well-balanced foods.

Monsoon Season at Kodaikanal: (July – September)
Temperature: During the monsoon season, the temperature will be around 20°C to 28°C, with minimal rainfall.
Weather: Whether you can able to enjoy the too-much cold breeze and rain, then, you can plan your Kodaikanal vacation at Monsoon. At Kodaikanal, the months of June to till September load the green valley, and the sky’s dark blue shades satisfy your vacation mood to the fullest. Moreover, the heavy rainfall makes the Kodaikanal forest look more greenish and adds a glow to the entire spot.
Significance: During the monsoon season, we can expect good rainfall and waterfalls. The Vatinakanal falls and Silver Cascade falls will become the best paradise for photographers and nature lovers. It is one of the major reasons tourists visit Kodaikanal. Moreover, the pine forest also becomes so enchanting and fresh. It makes the newly married couples walk across the Pine Forest. During this time, the green valleys get about 10 inches of waterfalls. So, tourists should be cautious about walking along slippery slopes.
Note: It is advisable to take raincoats, boats, and other survival essentials. So, it is important to strictly avoid the Pillar rocks in the monsoon period. Due to its leeches, and slippery pathways. The right thing is to ignore them, by taking salt and wearing long dresses to be free from any bugs. It would be such your leg. Moreover, keep all your electronic devices in tight plastic bags, and carry rainproof footwear, a windcheater, mosquito repellent, and an umbrella. Finally, please be safe from unhygienic street foods.


Winter Season at Kodaikanal (October – March)
Temperature: The temperature of Kodaikanal goes up from 8 degrees to 28 degrees.
Weather: In the winter season, Kodaikanal will be frosty and amazing. The environment is the right blend of comfortable and cool. During the winter season, Kodaikanal offers incredible views and routes for tourists. Every trekking lover loves to travel to Kodaikanal during the winter season. The winter season lasts from October – March in Kodaikanal.
Significance: The winter picnic will be very amazing in the Pillar Rocks, Kodaikanal. Most of the honeymooners will usually visit Kodaikanal from October to March month. The newly married couples will enjoy all the outdoor activities such as Trekking, boating, yoga sessions, nature walk, and spa treatments. The silent valley view and green valley view (suicide point) are the best spots to visit in Kodaikanal. The highly preferred winter tourist destinations of Kodaikanal such as Coaker’s walk, Pillar Rock, Kodai Palani Trek, Dolphin Nose, and Devil’s Kitchen.
Note: It is essential to carry the necessary extra socks, lip balm, moisturizers, scarves, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, warm jackets, pants, and woolen clothing. At this time, visiting heritage sites, and museums, and walking across the main city of Kodaikanal make us feel refreshed. It will fulfill your mind and heart. It is important to plan your Kodaikanal trip to avoid difficulties. Large crowds and long queues at famous tourist attractions are common issues. Kodaikanal gives us lots of pleasant, beautiful moments, and amazing scenic views which will remain in our minds for the longest time. Whether you are decided on the perfect time to travel to Kodaikanal, then, Kindly, go through Cottages Kodaikanal for the Kodaikanal tour packages. With us, we also suggest the most pocket-friendly stays and hotels in the Kodaikanal. Cottages Kodaikanal offers a transaction and customer satisfaction guarantee. So, most of the tourists felt it safe to book tour-related services with us. We are here to help you through all the tour services such as accommodation with the good hospitality service, travel, and tour service in the Kodaikanal. Simply, go ahead and plan your Kodaikanal trip with us. Are you ready to get relax and free yourself from the hectic city life? What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Book your room and start packing your bags to travel to Kodaikanal hill station. Let’s be happy to explore Kodaikanal and get the most memorable experience.

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